New Horizons Children’s Home
Manthralayam Rehabilitation Project


India, has witnessed a series of natural calamities and disasters in the last 2 decades. The worst cyclone that crippled costal Andhra Pradesh during 1979, the Bihar floods during 1982, the Lattur earthquake during 1996, the super cyclone of Orissa which reduced the State into a mangrove yard during 2000 and the earthquake in Gujrat during 2001 which killed nearly 37,000 people and rendered lakhs of other homeless are a few examples of the worst disasters. Tsunami made many orphans and homeless killed lakhs of people in Andhra, Tamilnadu during 2004. Now in this month October, 2009 many villages and Townsmarooned in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh many died, lost houses, starving for food cloths and drinking water.

Devastation of our Children’s Home

Since 30th September to 10th October 2009, being 400 Kilometers away from the Nithya Jyothi Children’s Home in  Manthralayam we were worried to know what happened to the Children in the Children’s Home. After 5 days Yohan phoned  and mentioned that children home is under water and no children found in the Home.  Our hearts were broken, tears started to  fall and we were disturbed. 25 children were living in this Home and now we have no idea about their survival. Children in  Bangalore and beloved from world wide started to pray for these children and situation. The roads were blocked,  communication is dropped and transportation is stopped. Rev. George tried twice to reach the Children’s Home but retuned  because of the Flood.

We had no option but just pray for the children and call Yohan to update. It is a nightmare. After Ten days of the incident  Government declared that we may travel.  As soon as we heard the news Rev. George Fernandes, Director Helping Hands/  Nithya Jyothi reached Manthralayam with few boxes of clothes but found no children rather a chaos of the Children’s Home.  He started to enquire about the children and care takers. At last a hint was given by the Railway Station Master that before  the  heavy flood a train has come from Raiachoor which is 40 kilometers from Manthralayam and they might have traveled in  the train.

Our eyes become wide with hope and faith, with many efforts we had reached Raiachoor. We started to search in every street to know whereabouts of the children. At last God showed us the way. One of our boys was playing on the ground. He recognized us and took us to the place where children are staying. YES MIRACLE DOES HAPPENED!  God saved all our children and in the rush of the train we had lost 3 children.

Rehablitation Work

On 18th October 2009 a team of 5 people reached Manthralayam. Rev. George and other four had carried  provisions for 3 months, mats, bed sheets, books, stationeries and clothes for the children and 15 boxes of used clothes and stationeries are given to the Flood Victims as a rehabilitation work. Manthralayam is sinking in very bad smell and epidemic diseases are started to spread.

After this nightmare experience the Board members of the Nithya Jyothi resolved to purchase a land which 15 kilometers from present Home of the children and build a home for them.

With the generous help of Le Ann and Team , Nithya Jyothi could purchase 20 cents of land in the village Nadhi Kairawadi and planning to construct a children’s home. The ground breaking ceremony is also taken place. Mr. Srinivas Village President and other elders of the village attended the program.

We humbly request Helping Hands to come forward a fund us generously. Yours donations are Tax Excepted under the section of 80 G (5) Income Tax Act 1961.