There are 62 children are living in the NHCH, Bangalore, 25 children are living in Mantralaya, Andhra Pradesh, that means there are 87 different moving stories. However 4 selected stories are given below in alphabetic order.  
Nakshatra. Age: 8 Years
  She is the youngest child of her parents. At an early age she lost her both the parents. Her Grandmother who is a beggar used to take care of this child. Nakshathra was having only one meal per day. One day her
  Grandmother passed away and leaving her and her other siblings on the street. Village leaders came to know about our home and they brought this child to our Home. Nakshthara is and active in studies. She has good grasping power which she uses to memories her lesson. Her ambition is to become a doctor. She is studying in the 1st Grade at St. Mary’s School, Bangalore.
Barnabas Age: 16 Years
  Barnabas is the youngest of 5 children to his parents. His father was a wood cutter, only bread winner to his family. However he sue to consume heavy drinks thus spending all of his earnings on it, so use to barrow money. Heavy debts made him go for suicide. give up life under a running train He is in 5th Grade. . Barnabas latter had to go through the pain of seeing his father is mangled body minus the head. Imagine the terrible agony in this little heart!! He was left alone on the streets without proper education and food.
  The President of Helping Hands India brought this child to shelter, our Home. In the beginning Barnabas was notable to concentrate on anything. Each night was spent in horror as he wet the bed on seeing nightmares of his father’s death. After much counselling he has able to come out of this trauma. His loves and enjoys athletics. He shows much respect to his elders. He is an excellent artist. His ambition is to become a Pastor. He stands among the first three grades in the class at school.
Ganga (Padma) Age: 14 Years
  Ganga is one amongst of the 5 children for her parents. She lost her mother at an early age. After 5 months of her mother’s death her father brought these children to the New Hope Children Home. He was unable to take care of the five children and he had plans to marry his wife’s sister so he wanted to get rid of the kids. When this girl was brought to our Home she was 7 years old and now she is 12 years old. Ganga is a sweet child.
  She is very affectionate and soft in nature. Ganga is good at her and ranks 5th in her class. She has a good memory. Ganga’s favuorite subject is English. Her hobbies are dancing and painting. Her favorite colour is pink. Her ambition is to become a Doctor. She is studying in 6th standard at St. Mary's School, Bangalore
Karthik. Age: 17 Years
  He is the youngest child in the family. He has two elder sisters. Karthik’s father abandoned the family. Having three children, his mother was unable to take care of them all. Hence she brought Karthik to our Home.
  Karthik likes to learn English. His favorite colour is yellow. His ambition is to become a doctor. His favorite game is Cricket and football. He is an excellent athlete and has won many shields. He is also selected for special couching classes in football. He has very good grasping power and learns quickly. He is studying in the 8th Standard at St. Mary's School

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